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My mission


Here at Reeves Bees, those six words have been our guiding principle. We put out heart and soul into the honey or bees you buy from us and you can rest assured you’re getting my very best. By supporting us, you become more in tune with the needs of our pollinators.

I hope you will use a few less pesticides on your lawn or in your garden… and maybe even provide a supportive habitat for the pollinators.

You’ve heard it many times… the majority of the fruits, vegetables and nuts you enjoy each day depend upon the daily work of the bees. So why not be part of the change we want to see when it comes to the health and vigor of all our pollinators?


Hello Beekeepers, we’ll have mated queens virgins and cells, all grafted after the summer solstice. Mated Queens: $45Virgins: $15Ripe Cells: $9 ($7 for 50 or more) A “ripe


Here's what beekeepers are saying about my bees and queens!

Having Garry as one of my beekeeping mentors has made me a little biased, but I can honestly say that year after year, the queens cells I get from him to replace queens in my hives have made a positive impact on the quality and longevity of my bees.
Jason Morgan Beekeeper


Just a few shots around our home base and apiaries for your viewing pleasure! Click to see a larger version.

Honey Available

Learn more about how we sell our honey.

Glass Jars

Glass and decorative jars with cork stoppers have a stately presentation. These are best dispensed with a dipper.

Plastic Squeeze

Clean quick dispensing via a flip-top lid squeezed right from the bottle into your tea, coffee or on your pancakes!

Chunk & Comb

We have both honey still in the comb, and chunks in a jar filled with honey. Great for gifts!

Nucs & Queens

Mated and virgin queens, capped queen cells and nucs that include a laying queen, and 3 frames.